A community focused art centre.

The Rose Lipman Building is a community hall and former library which has been been brought back into public use and now houses local independent artists and designers, an art school, a range of locally focused creative projects and educational activities. 

The building is managed and programmed by The Mill Co. Project, Open School East and Create London. 


Click HERE to see what's going on at the building. 




Create London exists to spread the benefits of being home to Europe’s largest cultural quarter to the people who live in east London. We commission and produce multi-disciplinary art projects in east London, which extend the barriers of socially engaged practice. 


 The Mill Co. Project is social enterprise scheme providing accessible work space for the creative community in Hackney and Haringey, plus events, workshops and community engagement projects. 

Open School East is an art school and communal space launching in September 2013. Emphasizing cooperation and experimentation, the initiative is set up to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills between artists, local residents and neighbourhood organisations.



43 De Beauvoir Road, Hackney, London N1 5SQ. Tel: 020 7923 3565